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At Twentyfiveseven we design accessories that besides delivering the functionality you would expect from products specifically engineered for Apple devices, are true pieces of art.
We are a young team with several years of experience in the field and with many partners around the world collaborating to our project.
We are based in Italy, where products are designed and developed, but we’re often found travelling the globe to catch the latest trends and innovations and find inspiration for new ideas.
Ideas and style are then converted into products with outstanding quality both in terms of materials and their looks.


  • Products must look good AND must be useful. Hyped sparkling exotic features wear off, usefulness never does.
  • A Simple product is the perfect product. You’d rather keep your life simple than adding extra complications, don’t you?
  • Quality and Style can be obtained at the right and affordable price. Who said you need to overpay everything you need and/or want?
  • Our customers and their ideas are virtual members of our R&D staff. We do have ideas but we always accept suggestions and active feedback from our customers and business partners in order to offer what people really needs.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to contact us send an e-mail to info@twentyfive-seven.com or use our contact form! We’ll be glad to answer you 24/7… opss… Twentyfiveseven!
The Staff, 257

who we are

Gian Luca Ciardo


Finance and operations background… that’s exactly what he’s doing here.


Lorenzo Magnelli


Electronics enthusiast. Eats IOS and Apple 25/7. He deals with product design and production.